Taxi Advertisment

The concept of Taxi Top Advertising has been implemented in various countries allaround the world .However; it is still a relatively new concept for Nepal.

Everest Cab is a leading Mobile Outdoor Advertising Agency in Kathmandu. Our specialty lies in Taxi Advertisement, Cab/Mobile Van Advertising & Creative Outdoor Advertising.

Taxi Top Advertising involves installing a waterproof light box on top of a taxi . On the sides of this box you can place your company’s name, logo ,content. cigarettes, alcohol & inappropriate pictures are prohibited. The box will have a led-lamp fitted inside of it ,so the ad will be seen during the night time as well. This is an attractive and innovative approach for outdoor advertising and an effective way of promoting your products.

Everest Cab is working with all relevant associations & individuals to introduce Taxi Top Advertising in Nepal. The concept has received all the necessary approvals from all the relevant departments so you can be assured that the ad will be legitimate as well as effective. Therefore, the advertisements will be 100% valid andofficially recognized.