Everest Cab Services

Everest Cab Services Pvt.Ltd was established in 2016(Registered date 2017) with a straight forward approach to bringing your message to the streets. It was founded by a group of Taxi owners who were able to position an in-your-face message on a
handful of cabs.

Everest Cab Services occupy a central location in Kathmandu. We try to offer a service that is second to none here in Nepal. We still believe that taxis services can be so much more than just a means to an end – our clients are right to expect extraordinary standards, and by allying the latest technologies with traditional customer service values, we can not only disrupt the industry, we can revolutionise it.

We are recognised as the best taxi service in Nepal, a service delivered by highly skilled professional drivers which are trusted by passengers to ferry them quickly and safely from place to place.We, in the taxi trade, are committed to maintaining Everest Cab Service’s position as the best taxi service in Nepal.